Philomela is a California based design studio specializing in original, hand-drawn, painted and printed, expertly formatted textiles for interiors. Their bold, intricate patterns balance delicacy with daring and bring a sense of celebration into every space.

The collection mixes antagonistic styles and conventions: baroque & modern, word & image, highbrow & downtown, hand constructed & digitally manipulated in a libertine mix of West Coast hedonism.

Dual workshops amplify the natural/cultural, rural/urban mix revealing the shimmering energy of two delightfully different environments. The Sea Ranch Studio expands upon Northern California’s sensuous natural abundance bringing a respectful stewardship of the land indoors. Equally influential is the vibrant eclectic culture of our L.A. based studio.

Philomela themes layered in wallpapers and fabrics infuse interiors with a liveliness and sense of deep connection.

Beauty and utility are mutually generative. The applications of Philomela are limited only by the imagination. We enjoy collaborating with architects, interior and furniture, clothing and product designers on everything from on-site to event-specific projects.

Philomela fabric is printed to order and has a 3 yard or 2.75m minimum. The lead time for the printing is around 8 weeks including delivery time.

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